Tuesday, August 4, 2009

down wards spiralling up

What this now?
Back in to the fray,
I though I’d escaped,
Back into the light of day,

The night draws me back,
Like a ball down a hill,
Falling slowly into the pit,
Tear after tear I spill.

I wasted my time,
My effort, my life,
All for this, this nothing,
No escape from the strife.

Anything said,
Everything done,
I’ve only lost friends,
Now I have but one,

I feel so lost,
I feel so cold,
I refused to conform,
I broke the mold,

But here there in,
Only loneliness lay,
For all others have gone,
Not one would stay,
But who would stay
With a wretch like me?
Not man nor beast
Would answer my plea.

But one and yet three,
My last hope,
He will give me light,
And lead me to victory.

Governs my life,
Controls my being,
I give it all to him,
My life he is freeing,

From the bondage of sin,
From the clutches of earth,
my chains are broken,
a new life, a rebirth.

My lord, my God,
Forgive me my wrongs,
Let me live for you,
The life for which I long.


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  1. This is amazing! God has clearly gifted you with words. Keep it up! :)