Friday, January 29, 2010

The Game

finally free to speak,
but am unsure what to say,
theses feelings never fading,
but memories pass away,

i don't know what to do,
all meaning thrown away,
once again, alone,
not a place i should stay,

i wish there was something,
too grasp, too hold,
anything out there,
to help me break this mold,

life is a sacrifice,
and mine have been made,
all i ask is for relief,
for a cooling place in the shade,

too long I've played the game,
to long I've slipped in sin,
now i finally know the truth,
it's a game you never win.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It is movement, yet it's quiet,
the movement surrounding,
the voices inspiring
bringing to light feelings seldom felt,
twisting and turning, holding you tight,
it's grips so tightly that you can barely breath,
why do i deserve this?
a simple man should never hold one so beautiful...
a promise to return