Thursday, July 9, 2009

I’m so sick and tired,
I always fall the wrong way,
Never find the right girl,
Try oh try as I may.

I change my look,
I change my style,
And yet they continue,
Marching out single file.

all I want is to connect,
to find some one that won’t reject,
Everything I do, everything I am,
I don’t want to be like tom, dick or Sam!

I just want to care,
To like me for me
Not try and change,
To some one I don’t want to be!

I want to love!
To be loved, Happy and true,
I just want some happiness!
So one to share with , like I am with you.

Oh poor forth wall,
I tear you down,
I had to make I rhyme,
So please don’t frown,

Back to the point,
Strait and true,
I want some one to love,
Some like you